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Hi 👋🏼. I am Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

I am a DevOps Engineer with a huge passion for automation and helping the others. Combining that, I usually automate processes that are boring, time consuming, or error prone. Also love and advocate frameworks and technology such as PowerShell, Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes. From time to time, I like to spend time inventing new projects to work on.

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


Streamlining your Code from the IDE to Production
Building the Future January 2022

A presentation (in portuguese) showing the process to deploy the code from the development into production, using DevOps practices.

Dev Talks Webinares - DevOps/Cria pipelines com ferramentas de CI/CD
Xpand IT December 2021

A presentation (in portuguese) about DevOps, what is it and an example on how to create pipelines with CI/CD tools

Setting up and developing SQLServer on non-Windows OS
SQLPort September 2019

A presentation (not recorded) showing how to setup SQLServer environment on non-Windows OS using containers.

PowerShell on RaspberryPi - Let's open a door for your PowerShell ideas
PSConfEU June 2019

An introduction to PowerShell and IoT using RaspberryPi

Control sensors and chips using PowerShell
PSConfEU June 2019

A presentation that includes using multiple chips and sensors such as LEDs, humidity sensors, etc

Power your Raspberry Shell on it's Core - Raspberry Pi and PowerShell Core
ANZPSUG October 2018

Presentation similar to the one for DuPSUG with a more deep dive into PowerShell IoT module

Flash presentation about PowerShell IoT
PSPowerHour August 2018

A 10 minute “flash” presentation about the PowerShell IoT.

Power your Raspberry Shell on it's Core - Raspberry Pi and PowerShell Core
DuPSUG June 2018

Introduction to RaspberryPi and PowerShell Core running on it, showing how and why this is possible, setup, and much more.